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  • If you’re hosting externs in multiple locations (e.g. company headquarters and off site), you must create a separate application for each location.
  • If you’re hosting externs for different positions (e.g. HR, Marketing, etc.), you must submit a separate application for each position type.

If you need help with filling out this form, contact Dr. Leslie Danehy at 848-932-3184/ or Stephanie Perez at 848-932-3158/

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  • Douglass Residential College pairs externs with Site Mentors based upon the students’ academic and career goals. We give priority to students who are in need of professional development. Therefore, the student you are paired with will likely have little professional experience. If you desire a more seasoned student or specific majors, please indicate this below under prerequisites/requirements. This will be viewable to the student, so please make any requirements appropriate for online viewing. If you would like to make private requests (e.g. to view resumes before placement), please email Stephanie Perez (

  • While we will do our best to match students based on any prerequisites or requirements, it may not be possible.

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