Alternate Format Text Form

Alternate Format Text Agreement

  • You may only request AFT if you have been approved for this accommodation
  • You must have read, understood and signed the AFT agreement before submitting any requests; no requests will be accepted until we receive the signed agreement. If you have questions about the agreement, please ask.
  • You must have purchased a print copy of the book and present it along with the receipt when submitting the book request. If you do not have a receipt you must be prepared to leave your copy with us so we may convert it to AFT. It will be returned to you when done.
  • Note please be aware that we may have to remove the spine of the book which could affect the resale value. Please let us know if you do not want the bindings/spine removed.
  • If the reading is available to you on Sakai or library reserve you are not expected to buy the book.
  • You must fill all the fields on the book request, in which we are asking for information
  • You may only request AFT for books/texts marked as required reading for your course. You must present the syllabus or documents from the professor showing the need for the book being requested.
  • If the reading is on Sakai or if it is on library reserve you must let us know.
  • You may have any classroom documents converted by submitting them at the office
  • Requests will be dealt with in the order that they are given, the sooner you can submit them the sooner you will receive the AFT. Camden and Newark students please get in your requests as soon as you can since your requests will be dealt with on the New Brunswick campus.


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