Letter of Accommodations Request Form


Prior to submitting your Letter of Accommodation Request Form below, please consider carefully which of your approved accommodations are relevant to your needs for each course you are enrolled this semester. For example, if your grade in a course is based on papers and a class presentation, then there is no need to list testing accommodations like extended time (50%) for that course’s “Letter of Accommodations.” Any concerns or questions you may have can be clarified by information found in the course syllabus feedback from the course instructor and/or from your assigned disability coordinator at your campus. Please complete only one form per course.

The university seeks to promote the comfort and safety of students who wish to be identified by a name other than their legal name by instituting a preferred name procedure. Starting in the fall 2014, students can choose to have a preferred name displayed on their class rosters, and electronic course management system. To do so please fill out the On-Campus Preferred Name Change form. If you wish to have your preferred name on your Letter of Accommodation please fill it out in the form below.


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