Note Taking Request

In order to receive note taking services for a course or courses, a student must:

  1. Officially register with ODS and have a documented disability that requires note taking as a reasonable accommodation supported by their documentation.
  2. Have approval for note taking as an accommodation for the semester notes are being requested.
  3. Complete the Note Taking Request Form online and submit it by clicking the SUBMIT prompt at end bottom of the form. If you are not able to complete and submit the form electronically, please contact the ODS Note Taker Coordinator at 848-445-6800. Follow ODS policies and procedures for obtaining note taking services.

If any changes occur to a student's initial request (drop/add; withdrawal; request canceled) the student MUST NOTIFY ODS IMMEDIATELY.

List below in the Course Section of this form only those courses for which you are requesting note taking services.


Please log in with your Rutgers NetID to proceed:

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If you are unable to log in, please contact your coordinator.