Documentation of a Psychological Disability

In order to determine eligibility and to provide services, we require documentation of the student's psychological disability.

Documentation assists the Office of Disability Services staff to:

  • establish a student's eligibility for services
  • understand the impact of a student’s condition(s) in an academic environment
  • and determine strategies and reasonable accommodations to facilitate equal access.

Further information on the components of professionally prepared documentation such as: qualified professionals; diagnostic statements; diagnostic methodology; current functioning and current documentation; functional impairment; duration, progression, and stability of a condition; and documentation to support requested reasonable accommodations can be found at the following link: General Documentation Principles and Guidelines.

In addition to the requested information, please attach any other information you think would be relevant to the student's academic adjustment. You will have the opportunity to print or save a copy of your submission at the conclusion of the form for your records. Please contact us if you have questions or concerns. Thank you for your assistance.