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Aresty Research Assistant

Aresty Research Assistant

Aresty Research Assistant

This project will be devoted to an exploration of modern methods in machine learning, a field at the interface of computer science and statistics. Specifically, we are interested in applying these methods to biological data sets that our group has already produced and studied. An example of such a project would be methods for learning time-varying networks from data, and applying them to a time course of microarray gene expression data from cells in response to drug doses. This project will be (...)

Aresty Research Assistant
SAS - CCS - BIOMAPS, SAS - Computer Science, SAS - (...)
Bioinformatics, Computational Molecular Biology, Computer (...)

The concept of ecosystem services (ES) has rapidly become an important approach to understanding and prioritizing the natural world in environmental policy and decision-making, described in the broadest definition as the “benefits people obtain from ecosystems”. The need to identify, classify, value and preserve ES is now a major driver and organizing principle of numerous environmental policies, including payments for environmental services (PES), biodiversity and carbon offsetting, natural capital (...)

Aresty Research Assistant
SEBS - Human Ecology
Environment , Environmental Policy, International (...)

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