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Mitigating climate change is one of the most important challenges of our era. Towards that, New Jersey has recently released a draft plan for transitioning to a 100% clean energy profile by 2050, in which wind and solar energy will play an integral role. With great promise in the horizon, a major challenge is the uncertainty and limited predictability of renewable energy sources. In contrast to traditional electricity generators, solar and wind energy are not produced at will---they are fully dependent (...)

Aresty Summer Science
Engn - Industrial Engineering
Computer Science and Engineering, Energy Systems and (...)

How genotype is transformed into phenotype is a fundamental question of systems biology. We will use mathematical models in an attempt to address at least a part of this question. We use networks to model how genes regulate: the nodes are the genes and the edges indicate interactions. In turn the interactions (edges) provide structure to differential equations that govern the activation and inactivation of genes and hence the quantities of proteins in the organism. These different levels of (...)

Aresty Summer Science
SAS - Mathematics
Applied Mathematics

Sol-gel processing is a room temperature process that forms transparent materials. When the materials are soft, patterns can be embossed in the material. Following heating, the material becomes hard. Many material applications require precise patterns on their surfaces. This project investigates new patterning techniques using the sol-gel process.

Aresty Summer Science
Engn - Materials Science and Engineering
Materials Science and Engineering

In recent years, bed bugs emerged as a common urban pest which causes significant discomfort and economic loss to affected people. Controlling bed bugs is very difficult, partly due to their high levels of resistance to insecticides. We are interested in evaluating the resistance profiles of field bed bug populations and investigating alternative low risk chemical control methods. The long-term goal is to develop safer and more effective methods to eliminate bed bug populations. The student researcher (...)

Aresty Summer Science
SEBS - Entomology

Cattails (Typha spp.) are invasive plants in wetlands throughout the US, from the Prairie potholes of the Midwest, to the Florida Everglades, to New Jersey’s urban wetlands. Cattails form dense stands that exclude other plant species, thus changing local biodiversity and wetland functions. The objective of the project is to understand the mechanisms by which cattails dominate the plant community. The information from our results will be applied to future wetland conservation and restoration projects (...)

Aresty Summer Science
SEBS - Landscape Architecture
Aquatic ecosystems , Botany, Conservation Biology, (...)

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