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The project will utilize both a computational (bioinformatic component) with lab-based behavioral studies of departmental colonies of insect pests. Computational tools will be used to look at differentially expressed genes and a behavioral approach will be taken to observe expression of these genes in specific behaviors. This project will be an intersection of the use of genetics as a tool to studying insects and the implications of gene expression on behavior and evolution of pest species.

Aresty Summer Science
SEBS - Entomology
Bioinformatics, Entomology

Social entrepreneurship, or the use of innovative approaches to tackle social challenges, has emerged throughout the world as a promising solution to grand challenges of our era, such as climate change and social injustice. A survey of 167,793 adults in 58 economies by Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (2016) reveals that 3.2% of the world’s population is engaged in social entrepreneurship activity. The most prominent examples of social entrepreneurship include Grameen Bank that provides small loans (...)

Aresty Summer Science
SC&I - Communication
Communication , Technology , Entrepreneurship

Sol-gel processing is a room temperature process that forms transparent materials. When the materials are soft, patterns can be embossed in the material. Following heating, the material becomes hard. Many material applications require precise patterns on their surfaces. This project investigates new patterning techniques using the sol-gel process.

Aresty Summer Science
Engn - Materials Science and Engineering
Materials Science and Engineering

Marshall Sponder

Social media is one of the most important tools used to expand advantages and enhance strategies in both business and academia. In this project, we will be looking to explore the role of social media in collaborative learning environments, specifically in STEM courses. We will conduct a survey through the Rutgers Office of Diversity & Academic Success in the Sciences (ODASIS), analyzing its impact on academic performance and cognizing students’ perception on social media and mobile devices through (...)

Aresty Summer Science
RBS - Undergraduate-New Brunswick, SAS - DLS - Undergraduate (...)
Communication , Education

Transportation agencies strive to maintain and management their infrastructure assets in their best possible condition, such as roads, bridges, railways, ports, transit, pipelines, etc. Transportation Infrastructure Asset Management (AM) is a very important process and tool to support agencies in evaluating, planning and prioritizing capital-intensive maintenance, repair, rehabilitation and renew projects. In addition to normal conditions, the transportation infrastructure assets also face increasing (...)

Aresty Summer Science
Engn - Center for Advanced Infrastructure (CAIT), (...)
Civil & Environmental Engineering, Industrial (...)

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