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Aresty Research Assistant
The Impacts of Hunting in French Indochina
Project Summary
French Indochina was once one of the world's great hunting destinations. Heads of state, celebrities and average citizens traveled to the French colonies in the late 1800s to mid-19th century to hunt large game such as elephants, tigers and even rhinoceros, as well as birds and other other small game. What is not known is the overall scale and impact of this hunting: how many elephants and other large game animals were killed, and where? Knowing this information could be helpful in understanding why certain populations of animals continue to be low or nonexistent in modern Vietnam today.

This project will systematically assess through reading French language documents on hunting in Indochina to find out the scale and scope of hunting from the 1860 to 1954 when Vietnam became independent. We will create a database of how many animals were hunted and where, and use this database to make an online map of hunting pressures in French Indochina.

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