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This project investigates the environmental fluctuations documented in fossils and sediments of Lake Turkana, Kenya over the past four million years. Reconstructing a record of biotic and sedimentary responses to climate change, volcanism and landscape evolution is a prerequisite to understanding environmental factors as driving forces in development of the savanna biome and human ancestors in the ancient record. Students will investigate sediment samples from modern and ancient lake systems to (...)

Aresty Research Assistant
SAS - Earth and Planetary Sciences, SAS - Anthropology
Ecology, Environment

The Arts and Public Health Study works as a collaboration between Jeff Friedman, Director of the Integrate Dance Collaboratory and faculty at the School of Public Health. The project uses both dance/theater along with visual arts, especially photography, to develop a public works-in-progress informal showing, ideally on Day Without Arts (December 1, 2024). We expect to meet with our study participants for 6 weeks, once a week meetings, during the Fall semester to continue the workshops that were (...)

Aresty Research Assistant
MGSA - Dance
Dance, Public Health, Theater, Visual Arts

AI and machine learning has become critical in every possible application in today's ecosystem. For example, most of the popular applications used today give you customized recommendations – for example, Youtube recommends personalized videos. Many of these applications have a recommendation system that learns to make these recommendations. However, these applications generate a tremendous amount of data storing petabytes of data each day. This research project aims to look at AI and Recommendation (...)

Aresty Research Assistant
SAS - Computer Science

• Emmy Hennings, Poems and Short Prose [Translation and annotations for an English edition] • Rahel Sanzara, The Skilled Hand [Translation and annotations for the English edition of a German novella] German reading knowledge required. In this project you will participate in the preparation of a two editions featuring two unknown modernist women writers, with the aim to produce tow annotated editions of their work in English. The first writer is Expressionist and Dadaist writer Emmy Hennings (...)

Aresty Research Assistant
SAS - Germanic, Russian & E. European Lang & (...)
Germanics, Language , Literature, Research abroad (...)

Natural fibers from plants such as industrial hemp provide a renewable high-quality commodity that has the potential to enhance New Jersey agriculture and provide economic benefits for a wide variety of industries and small businesses in the state. Both established and emerging industries can benefit from industrial hemp by supplementing or entirely replacing petroleum-based products with those based on natural fibers while sequestering significant quantities of carbon from the atmosphere (Cherney (...)

Aresty Research Assistant
SEBS - Plant Biology and Pathology

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