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Emerging pathway to create highly deformable, dynamic, and adaptive devices involves 3D printing of soft materials that can actively deform and reconfigure in response to external stimuli. This approach has been recently termed 4D printing, with the 4th dimension being the time-dependent morphing or shape transformation after the 3D printing. The goal of this research thrust is (i) to develop 3D printable soft materials with magnetically programmable materials behavior, (ii) to better understand (...)

Aresty Research Assistant
Engn - Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
Materials Science and Engineering, Mechanical Engineering

4D Printing considers time as the 4th dimension, where a printed part using one or more materials is pre-programed or pre-loaded to lock in a metastable state. When stimulated by thermal, chemical, optical, electrical or magnetic mean, the part can change to the final shape and form to perform the intended function. It is the goal of this project to (1) design and optimize a test CAD model to be used toward a standardize test script, (2) apply such test script on our extended polymer libraries (...)

Aresty Research Assistant
NJ Center for Biomaterials

The field of geodesy, or the study of the size, shape, and mass of Earth and their changes with time, has advanced substantially over the past decade. Remote sensing is currently the fastest growing area of geodesy, and advances in Global Position System (GPS), radar, lidar, photogrammetry, and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs, commonly referred to as drones) have revolutionized how scientists document changes in the Earth. The potential use of UAVs in geoscience and environmental research is great, (...)

Aresty Research Assistant
SAS - Earth and Planetary Sciences
Anthropology, Computer Science and Engineering, Earth (...)

The industry 4.0 standard continuous pharmaceutical manufacturing (CM) integrated with real time monitoring, advanced process control (APC), and a novel data management system is highly desired to consistently produce the better quality product with less time and resources. In this work, a bi-layer advanced control strategy will be developed and implemented into CM pilot-plant using industry standard real time monitoring sensors, data management tool and control platform. In first layer, the product (...)

Aresty Research Assistant
Engn - Chemical & Biochemical Engineering
Chemical Engineering

According to the latest ERS (Economic Research Service) report, American consumers spent $1,616.3 billion (yep, that's a billion) on food in 2017 ( Our food away from home (FAFH) expenditures in 2017 were an estimated $869.3 billion, while the food at home (FAH) expenditures totaled $747.0 billion. Various studies have shown that most American consumers are too tired or unwilling to spend time or effort on preparing (...)

Aresty Research Assistant
SEBS - Agricultural Economics & Marketing

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