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This project continues a theme of 40+ years of research started as a graduate student. The DLAI in its current manifestation is a collection of the first 2 editions of the Dictionary of Latin American Racial and Ethnic Terminology, for which I was the sole author. DLAI is a collaboration between me and John Maddox, a scholar at the University of Alabama Birmingham; the first paper edition was published in summer 2021. As we move further into the 21st century, it is abundantly clear to us that (...)

Aresty Research Assistant
SAS - Spanish & Portuguese
Gender , Identity , Language , Nation and national (...)

Exploring connections between Volcano Crater Shape and Eruption Style Studies of volcanic populations in distributed volcanic fields show considerable variations in cone morphology, including variations in planview shape, cone slope, and relative crater size. Amongst the multiple driving factors for cone morphology, the dominant eruption style and the balance between effusive and explosive activity have implications both for cone morphology (especially planview shape) and for hazards assessment. In (...)

SAS - Earth and Planetary Sciences, SEBS - Marine (...)
Earth & Space Sciences

Electrically conductive nanowires are of interest for applications that range from energy production & storage to nanoscale electronics that can interface with living cells. This project focuses on developing nanowires that are prepared by connecting together metal ions, such as iron and cobalt, with specially designed organic linkers (ligands). The Lipke group focuses specifically on preparing ligands that have electron-accepting properties that are well-matched to those of the metal ions, thereby (...)

Aresty Summer Science
SAS - Chemistry & Chemical Biology
Chemistry, Materials Science and Engineering, Nanotechnology (...)

Bridge decks are the most critical element of the highway infrastructure for maintaining it in the state of good repair. Steel orthotropic bridge decks (SOBD) have the potential for improving durability and extending service life of highway bridges. Steel orthotropic bridge decks are a stiffened steel plate deck system that is integral with the primary floor framing of the bridge superstructure. The deck plate for SOBD are stiffened by elements having open or close sections. Accordingly, the orthotropic (...)

Aresty Research Assistant
Engn - Civil & Environmental Engineering
Civil & Environmental Engineering

Bridge decks are the most critical element of the highway infrastructure for maintaining it in the state of good repair. An innovative layered steel deck system, steel sandwich plate (SSP) deck, is being developed under this project for application to highway bridge structures, both existing and new. The deck consists of a corrugated core enclosed by plates. The envisioned deck system has several advantages: lightweight, prefabricated/modular, hermitically sealed, enables accelerated construction (...)

Aresty Research Assistant
Engn - Center for Advanced Infrastructure (CAIT)

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