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Ocean-exposed sandy beaches are considered ecosystems with low structural complexity and apparent homogeneity, leading to low taxonomic and functional diversity. However, beaches receive nutrient subsidies from both marine and terrestrial resources, thus potentially support a diverse community of vertebrate scavengers. This project will use remote camera traps to survey ocean beaches throughout New Jersey to determine the scavenger community composition in relation to landscape configuration.

SEBS - Ecology, Evolution and Natural Resources

The goal of the project is to fabricate and test a humidity and gas sensor based on the response of single layer graphene to the adsorption of different molecules. The students will learn to synthesize graphene using chemical vapor deposition and then transfer the graphene layers onto a Si wafer capped with a SiO2 layer. They will proceed to fabricate a device to demonstrate humidity and gas sensing by using the change of the electrical resistance in response to various molecules. Finally the students (...)

SAS - Physics & Astronomy
Materials Science and Engineering, Physics

The 3D metal additive manufacturing processes such as Laser Powder Bed Fusion requires measurement and characterization of process signatures in layer-to-layer, stripe-to-stripe, and tract-to track fusion of powder metal material with geometric parameters (width, length and overlap), identifying pores and defects from images and image streams obtained using digital optical microscopy, scanning electron microscopy or focus variation microscopy techniques and digital image correlation which is an (...)

Aresty Research Assistant
Engn - Industrial Engineering
Computer Science and Engineering, Engineering Sciences, (...)

The Archivio Digitale Boncompagni Ludovisi is an ongoing (since 2010) initiative to highlight new discoveries regarding the social, cultural, intellectual and political history of the papal Boncompagni, Ludovisi, and Boncompagni Ludovisi families from the tenth century CE to the present. This is the family of Popes Gregory XIII (1572-1585, who introduced the Gregorian Calendar) and Gregory XV (1621-1623, who canonized the first Jesuit saints), as well many other notable figures in the Church, in (...)

Aresty Research Assistant
SAS - Classics
Archaeology, Classics, Digital Arts (DXARTS), History, (...)

In this project, we will develop a crowd-aware computational tool for designing environments (e.g., building floor plans). During an interactive authoring session, as the user is designing the layout of an environment, our system will predictively analyse the impact of newly added environment elements (e.g., pillars or doorways) on the resulting crowd flow, using current-generation crowd simulators. The results of the simulation will be used to provide feedback to the user in terms of aggregate (...)

SAS - Computer Science
Architecture, Computer Science and Engineering, Urban (...)

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