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Aresty Research Assistant
Assessing Climate Change Adaptation Projects in Vietnam
Project Summary
Climate change is one of the major pressing issues of our time, and many countries like Vietnam will be especially vulnerable to impacts like sea level rise, storms, flooding and changes in temperature. Vietnam has been preparing responses to adapt to climate change, primarily through the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD). Many of these responses involve projects to extend infrastructure (like flood protection or irrigation), which the climate adaptation literature refers to as 'hard adaptation'. Less attention has been paid to 'soft adaptation', or helping citizens cope with the impacts of climate change through means other than construction/infrastructure.

This project will examine around 75 projects for climate adaptation proposed by MARD for funding from the international community. We will examine each project to determine where it is being proposed for; what the cost is; if it is hard or soft adaptation; and who is the beneficiary of each project. With a database of these projects, we will be able to see what areas of the country are receiving the most project support (and if these are actually the areas with the greatest needs), and characterize trends in project development, such as a tendency towards hard adaptation measures or an emphasis on certain sectors, like water. This database will be used to write an article on trends in climate adaptation in Vietnam that the student will be a co-author on.

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