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Aresty Research Assistant
Scarlet and Black Digital Archive: Documenting African American History in New Jersey
Project Summary
The Scarlet and Black Research Center seeks a research assistant with a strong interest in African American history. Working closely with the digital archivist at the center, the research assistant will support the development of the Scarlet and Black Digital Archive and related initiatives.

Current digital history initiatives include:

• New Jersey Slavery Records [], an open access database that documents the history of slavery in New Jersey communities through digital archival sources.
• Black Voices at Rutgers [], a portal that helps students and researchers discover African American oral history interviews with a focus on Rutgers and life in New Jersey.
• Black Camden Oral History Project [], a new effort to preserve the history of African American life and student activism in Camden, New Jersey, through oral history interviews and digital preservation of historical documents and ephemera.
• Scarlet and Black Digital Archive [], a publicly accessible educational resource that features primary sources documenting African American history in New Jersey.
• Scarlet and Black virtual walking tour highlighting African American history sites at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, Newark, and Camden.

The research assistant will be assigned to one of these projects based on their individual interests and the current needs of the center’s collaborative research team.

Prior experience with digital history or oral history is not required. Commitment to scholarship that supports the movement for racial justice is essential.

About the Scarlet and Black Research Center:

The Scarlet and Black Research Center convenes researchers and practitioners across the humanities to examine the global dimensions of anti-Black racism. The center derives its vision from the Scarlet and Black research project, which began with a deep dive into the historical connections between slavery and our university. From 2016 to 2021, Scarlet and Black produced 3 books tracing African American history at Rutgers from slavery to Black Lives Matter. In 2021, the Scarlet and Black Research Center became an arm of the Institute for the Study of Global Racial Justice (ISGRJ), where we continue our work to document and disseminate African American history through a range of research-based projects and public engagement initiatives.

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