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With growing concerns over climate change, it is critical that our global society moves away from fossil fuel combustion as the primary means of energy production. Renewable energy sources such as solar and wind power are being increasingly implemented, but these resources are intermittent. To overcome this issue, there is significant interest in constructing carbon-neutral sustainable energy cycles where renewable energy is stored in the form of a chemical fuel, which can then be oxidized in a (...)

SAS - Chemistry & Chemical Biology
Chemistry, Energy Systems and Engineering

Mitosis and meiosis are the most exciting and elaborate processes that occur during the life of dividing cells. The mitotic and meiotic divisions must perfectly distribute a complete set of chromosomes to each daughter cell. Defects in these processes lead to aneuploidy and possibly serious harm to the organism. Our lab studies meiosis in oocytes because of the importance to reproductive health. In humans, aneuploidy is a leading cause of spontaneous abortions and infertility in women. If aneuploids (...)

SAS - DLS - Genetics
Cell & Molecular Biology, Genetics

This project is a study of the content, composition, and distribution of general protein, amino acids, and fatty acids in endoplasmic reticulum membrane fragments carrying cytochrome P450 enzymes. P450s are a large superfamily of enzymes that oxidize lipophilic xenobiotics (foreign compounds) with electronegative centers that may be toxic. The xenobiotic becomes polarized and thereby more reactive sot that it may either become water-soluble and excreted or it may become activated to an acutely toxic (...)

SEBS - Entomology
Molecular Biology

Young adults are at increased risk for insufficient sleep as they balance school and work obligations and social activities. Approximately 50% of college students report excessive daytime sleepiness and exhibit behaviors and symptoms of chronic sleep restriction such as having difficulty maintaining alertness followed by unintended drowsiness or sleep. Insufficient sleep is suggested to be a risk factor for obesity, cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes mellitus. In a survey of traditional-age (...)

Dept. of Kinesiology and Health
Behavior , Health , Performance

The field of geodesy, or the study of the size, shape, and mass of Earth and their changes with time, has advanced substantially over the past decade. Remote sensing is currently the fastest growing area of geodesy, and advances in Global Position System (GPS), radar, lidar, photogrammetry, and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs, commonly referred to as drones) have revolutionized how scientists document changes in the Earth. The potential use of UAVs in geoscience and environmental research is great, (...)

SAS - Earth and Planetary Sciences
Anthropology, Computer Science and Engineering, Earth (...)

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