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The field of geodesy, or the study of the size, shape, and mass of Earth and their changes with time, has advanced substantially over the past decade. Remote sensing is currently the fastest growing area of geodesy, and advances in Global Position System (GPS), radar, lidar, photogrammetry, and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs, commonly referred to as drones) have revolutionized how scientists document changes in the Earth. The potential use of UAVs in geoscience and environmental research is great, (...)

Aresty Research Assistant
SAS - Earth and Planetary Sciences
Anthropology, Computer Science and Engineering, Earth (...)

The industry 4.0 standard continuous pharmaceutical manufacturing (CM) integrated with real time monitoring, advanced process control (APC), and a novel data management system is highly desired to consistently produce the better quality product with less time and resources. In this work, a bi-layer advanced control strategy will be developed and implemented into CM pilot-plant using industry standard real time monitoring sensors, data management tool and control platform. In first layer, the product (...)

Aresty Research Assistant
Engn - Chemical & Biochemical Engineering
Chemical Engineering

We are looking for a research assistant that will help manage an aquaculture system and evaluate its viability. Our experiments show that the use of duckweeds not only significantly affects the cost of aquaculture and alleviate pressure on wild fish population, but that duckweeds also address water pollution and thus improves the aquatic environment for the fish. The goal of the current project is to better understand the benefits of growing stripe bass for stocking. Two systems will be used (...)

Aresty Research Assistant
SEBS - Agricultural Economics & Marketing
Aquatic ecosystems , Energy Systems and Engineering, (...)

The Archivio Digitale Boncompagni Ludovisi is an ongoing (since 2010) initiative to highlight new discoveries regarding the social, cultural, intellectual and political history of the papal Boncompagni, Ludovisi, and Boncompagni Ludovisi families from the tenth century CE to the present. This is the family of Popes Gregory XIII (1572-1585, who introduced the Gregorian Calendar) and Gregory XV (1621-1623, who canonized the first Jesuit saints), as well many other notable figures in the Church, in (...)

Aresty Research Assistant
SAS - Classics
Archaeology, Classics, Digital Arts (DXARTS), History, (...)

The concept of ecosystem services (ES) has rapidly become an important approach to understanding and prioritizing the natural world in environmental policy and decision-making, described in the broadest definition as the “benefits people obtain from ecosystems”. The need to identify, classify, value and preserve ES is now a major driver and organizing principle of numerous environmental policies, including payments for environmental services (PES), biodiversity and carbon offsetting, natural capital (...)

Aresty Research Assistant
SEBS - Human Ecology
Environment , Environmental Policy, International (...)

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