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The 3D metal additive manufacturing processes such as Laser Powder Bed Fusion requires measurement and characterization of process signatures in layer-to-layer, stripe-to-stripe, and tract-to track fusion of powder metal material with geometric parameters (width, length and overlap), identifying pores and defects from images and image streams obtained using digital optical microscopy, scanning electron microscopy or focus variation microscopy techniques and digital image correlation which is an (...)

Aresty Research Assistant
Engn - Industrial Engineering
Computer Science and Engineering, Engineering Sciences, (...)

The Archivio Digitale Boncompagni Ludovisi is an ongoing (since 2010) initiative to highlight new discoveries regarding the social, cultural, intellectual and political history of the papal Boncompagni, Ludovisi, and Boncompagni Ludovisi families from the tenth century CE to the present. This is the family of Popes Gregory XIII (1572-1585, who introduced the Gregorian Calendar) and Gregory XV (1621-1623, who canonized the first Jesuit saints), as well many other notable figures in the Church, in (...)

Aresty Research Assistant
SAS - Classics
Archaeology, Classics, Digital Arts (DXARTS), History, (...)

This project will require precision machining of metallic constructs in advanced alloys such as titanium and nickel-based alloys that are fabricated using 3D additive manufacturing methods. The additive manufacturing of metal parts provides new opportunities to freely design of parts and products which enhances the productivity. In contrast to this manufacturing process, the surface quality of laser fused parts is limiting the application of such technology on precision manufacturing. This project (...)

Aresty Research Assistant
Engn - Mechanical & Materials Science, Inst of (...)
Mechanical Engineering, Nanotechnology , Systems Engineering

Assistant in the studio of a professional composer of symphonic, operatic, and chamber music. Responsibilities will include some or all of the following: working directly with composer to design projects, craft proposals to professional presenters, soloists, and arts organizations; working directly with composer's professional management and music engraving team; contributing to the design, preparation, and delivery of professional performance materials; participating in digital audio and video (...)

Aresty Research Assistant
MGSA - Music
Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences, Music

Die Arbeiter-Illustrierte Zeitung [AIZ] is widely recognized as a highly successful and politically radical alternative to interwar Germany’s mainstream illustrated press. Far less acknowledged, however, is the extent to which its startlingly new uses of photography and graphic design defined the vanguard of Europe’s visual culture between the wars. Opening an issue of the AIZ in the second half of the 1920s was like peering into a kaleidoscope of photographic fragments. As a reader turned its pages, (...)

Aresty Research Assistant
SAS - Art History
Art, Communication , Politics , Popular culture

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