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The National Institute for Early Education Research is seeking Data Collectors year-round. Applicants should be graduate students, have a BA or be upperclassman undergraduate students with a focus on child development, early childhood, psychology or related field. Knowledgeable about child development and developmentally appropriate early childhood teaching practices (e.g. Teacher) preferred. Experience in classroom settings and/or working with children highly preferred. Must be available to (...)

General Research
Education , Policy , Child Development

In this project, we explore how our speech perception systems affect our speech behaviors. Why do we use our speech in the way that we do? and how does our speech behavior relate to how we listen to our speech? The project consists of series of acoustic and perception experiments. By participating in this project, you will learn basic skills in conducting phonetic experiments, including coming up with stimuli, making high-quality recording, editing the stimuli acoustically, and setting up and running (...)

General Research
SAS - Linguistics, SAS - Psychology
Linguistics, Psychology, Cognitive Science

Some of our current research projects focus on the reasoning styles of mathematics undergraduate students as they construct mathematical proofs, the reading of published proofs by research-active mathematicians, the assessment of proof comprehension at the university level, and the different ways in which mathematicians present proofs in their advanced mathematics courses.

General Research
GSE - Learning & Teaching, SAS - Mathematics
Behavioral Science, Education , Educational Psychology, (...)

This project analyzes a range of archival documents including unpublished memoirs and letters written by Jewish refugees from Germany who fled during the Nazi era and resettled in the U.S. before the end of World War II. Written largely in German, these documents when read together yield a complex and varied portrait of refugee collective identity--what it meant to these survivors to be stateless, (former) Germans, Americans (to be) Jewish, women and men. There is important evidence in these letters (...)

General Research
SAS - Jewish Studies, SAS - Sociology, SAS - Women's (...)
American Ethnic Studies, Germanics, Holocaust , Identity (...)

The project gathers and analyzes data on faculty members and their various professional activities and involvements in eight different academic departments, including six STEM departments at a major American research university, over a ten year period from 2000 to 2010. These activities and involvements include scholarly collaboration, publishing, citation, professional acquaintanceship, graduate student mentoring, university committee work, service on grant-funding agency panels, and so on. Academic (...)

Aresty Research Assistant
SAS - Sociology
Education , Sociology

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