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Electrically conductive nanowires are of interest for applications that range from energy production & storage to nanoscale electronics that can interface with living cells. This project focuses on developing nanowires that are prepared by connecting together metal ions, such as iron and cobalt, with specially designed organic linkers (ligands). The Lipke group focuses specifically on preparing ligands that have electron-accepting properties that are well-matched to those of the metal ions, thereby (...)

Aresty Summer Science
SAS - Chemistry & Chemical Biology
Chemistry, Materials Science and Engineering, Nanotechnology (...)

Student will perform biochemical/molecular biology research to understand the metabolism of lipids in the intestine using mammalian cells and mouse models.

Aresty Summer Science
SEBS - Nutritional Sciences
Cell & Molecular Biology, Physiology, Nutritional (...)

The interactions between the atmosphere and underlying land surface have important implications for the near-surface climate behavior over land. One key land-atmosphere interaction involves the potential feedback between soil moisture and rainfall. This project will consider how the behavior of the atmospheric boundary layer (ABL), the portion of atmosphere in direct contact with the surface, affects the sign and strength of the soil moisture-precipitation feedback. To explore the ABL characteristics (...)

Aresty Summer Science
SEBS - Environmental Science
Atmospheric Sciences, Earth & Space Sciences, (...)

This long-term project systematically investigates the factor that influence exam performance in order to create new instructional technologies to improve exam performance. We currently have 11 years of course data to analyze in detail.

Aresty Summer Science
SAS - Psychology

There are two potential projects for a student to work on in our lab (1) using wastewater-based epidemiology to track the prevalence of SARS-CoV-2 and (2) determining the chemical composition of microplastics in stormwater and from bench-scale weathering studies using spectroscopy towards understanding sources and informing mitigation strategies. Project (1) involves applied environmental microbiology and bioinformatics. Project (2) would involve laboratory work including collaboration with RU (...)

Aresty Summer Science
Engn - Civil & Environmental Engineering
Chemistry, Civil & Environmental Engineering, (...)

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